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Get a FREE case evaluation today.

Bivona Law represents children and families in cases involving all types of child injuries resulting from all causes. Some examples of the types of cases we handle include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Playground accidents
  • Public and private swimming pool accidents
  • Furniture tip-overs accidents
  • Trampoline parks accidents
  • Skate parks accidents
  • Private schools accidents
  • Daycares accidents
  • Child care accidents
  • After-School program injury accidents
  • Toy malfunctions and other product defects accidents
  • Bullying injuries accidents
  • Sexual abuse and molestation 

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What is a Child Injury Lawyer?

When a minor sustains an injury due to the negligence of another party, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a child injury lawyer. These legal professionals specialize in representing children who have been injured in incidents such as car accidents, daycare mishaps, playground injuries, and birth injuries.

By working closely with children and families, Bivona Law conducts thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding the child’s injury, identifies any parties liable for the harm, and constructs a comprehensive case to hold them accountable for the physical harm, medical expenses, and lost wages the family may incur. Bivona Law can even help get medical care for a child if needed. Children and families can obtain the justice and compensation they rightfully deserve through Bivona Law.


    In cases involving child injuries, parents can recover compensation for various financial and non-financial costs resulting from the accident. These losses include (but are not necessarily limited to):

    • Medical expenses
    • Medical supply and device costs
    • Prescription costs
    • In-home help costs
    • Tutoring and education costs
    • Other out-of-pocket costs
    • Loss of earnings
    • Pain and suffering
    • Scarring and disfigurement
    • Emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress
    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    Why Should You Choose Bivona Law?

    Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can be a difficult decision. At Bivona Law, our focus is children and helping to resolve your child’s injury claim. Here are some reasons why our clients choose us:

    • We put our clients first and foremost. 
    • We have the resources and time to work on your case immediately.
    • We present families and children across Texas and in other states.
    • We are willing to make house calls, hospital visits, or meet you wherever is most comfortable.
    • We can help you get the medical care that you desperately need. 
    • We offer free consultations to potential clients.
    • We are skilled negotiators.
    • We are not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary.


    Getting hurt is already bad enough. But to deal with all of the craziness that comes with it is a second trial that often is worse than the first. Here’s how we make getting hurt easier:

    • We don’t get paid unless you get paid
    • We’ll deal with the insurance companies
    • We’ll help you heal from your injuries by coordinating medical treatment
    • We’ll help you get back lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses


    Here’s our motto: No runaround. No dodging calls. No legal mumbo jumbo. No ego. No BS. Just straightforward, transparent, hard work.


    Bivona Law was founded to serve injured clients across Texas in a new, fresh way. It’s something that we believe in. We’re glad you’re here and sure you will be too.


    If your child has been injured and you want to speak with Bivona Law about your family’s legal rights, we encourage you to contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. You can reach us by phone or online 24/7.

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