Has COVID-19 devastated your business?

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Did you file a claim with your insurance for business interruption loss due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Was your claim denied?

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The answer will depend on the language in your insurance policies. There is no uniform rule for which type of policy covers these losses. Some policies contain coverage for business interruption or for losses sustained as a result of an order issued by the government – such as the recent orders restricting access to restaurants, bars, gyms, live events and other public establishments.

Given the complexities of coverage in this situation, we do NOT recommend you file a claim for losses related to COVID-19 until after consulting with an insurance coverage attorney. If you self-report your claim without expert attorney assistance, you risk your insurance company denying coverage or only receiving a small percentage of what you are entitled to.

Our expert insurance coverage attorneys will navigate these complicated issues for you and maximize your recovery.


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