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Our experienced team of attorneys can help you understand all options in order to save your home.

If you meet these requirements we can help you save your home:

  • Behind on your mortgage
  • Owe 3 months or more
  • You have verifiable income

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We Stand Up For
Your Family

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By clicking the “SEE IF I QUALIFY” button above, you agree that you will be contacted by telephone, email SMS/Text Message (Data Rates May Apply), even if you are on a federal or state Do Not Call registry, to confirm the accuracy of the information you submit and verify if you qualify.

A Foreclosure Can Be Stopped

Countless loan modification applications are filed improperly.  Many homeowners have been denied a resolution by their bank.  An experienced attorney can help improve your possibility of success.

We analyze each homeowner’s unique situation to help identify the best possible options to prevent a foreclosure.

The Bank Says You’ve Been Denied Because…

  • The homeowner’s application is incomplete
  • The homeowner is still unable to afford a modified loan payment
  • The lender’s standard for “hardship” is not met
  • You can afford your current mortgage payment
  • You were already approved for a loan modification within a 12-month period
  • You missed a trial modification period

Click here to see our detailed steps to help ensure you’re not rejected for a loan modification that you ought to qualify for.

How We Can Help You

  • Contacting the mortgage company on your behalf
  • Helping you to understand all available options
  • Know and understand your lender’s guidelines
  • Negotiate with your lender to come to terms on a mortgage modification
  • Defense against lenders/creditor claims
  • Stopping a foreclosure

Free Consultation

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